BoneTrust® sinus

Short thread providing optimal primary stability when the bone height is limited

Implant body made of pure titanium grade 4, highly pure surface

No mobilisation of BGF particles by cutting grooves

Protection of the Schneiderian membran with apical curve

BoneTrust® sinus

The BoneTrust® Sinus implant, which was developed in cooperation with Dr. Kay Pehrsson (Haranni Clinic, Herne, in Germany), enables higher primary stability by its special design with reduced thread section in cases of reduced vertical bone availability. Thus, allowing in many cases a one-step operative procedure (augmentation and simultaneous implantation), even if less than 5mm of the bone level is available in the sinus region. The abandonment of sharp-edged cutting grooves and the rounded apical design counteract lesions of the Schneiderian membrane. The 12mm long implant is available in the diameters 4.0mm and 5.0mm.

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