BoneTrust® plus | cone

Crestal “thread split” reduces cortical stress peaks

Implant body made of pure titanium grade 4, highly pure surface

Innovative cutting groove design facilitates insertion

Abutment connection available as internal hexagon socket or cone/torx

BoneTrust® plus | cone

Due to the special self-tapping screw design with crestal “thread split“, the BoneTrust® plus implants guarantee an atraumatic insertion with optimal primary stability in all bone qualities.

The interaction between the homogeneous, highly pure BoneTrust® implant surface in combination with a harmonized platform switching provides a long-lasting secure implant bone bonding.

As optional abutment connection, a combination of cone (11°) and precision torx (anti-rotation mechanism) is used. The form-fitting and tight connection eliminates micro movements and is characterized by its optimal handling and easy positioning of the superstructure components.

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