BoneTrust® balance

Rotations­gesicherter Aufbaubereich mit optimiertem CAD/CAM-Design
Maschinierte Zone für optimale Weichgewebsanlagerung
Krestaler Gewindesplit zur Vermeidung von Spannungsspitzen
Laserstrukturierte, raue Oberfläche
Lasercut Schneidnuten
Durchgehend naturweißer Implantatkörper

BoneTrust® balance

The zirconium implant offered by Medical Instinct® for treatments in which titanium implants cannot or are not to be used. The design of the screw corresponds to that of the BoneTrust® plus titanium implants. To insert the BoneTrust® balance implants, only a special insertion device is needed in addition to the known BoneTrust® surgical set. An innovative laser procedure ensures that a roughness of the implant surface is achieved that corresponds to that of the BoneTrust® plus titanium implants.

The surgical procedure is very similar to that used for the BoneTrust® plus implants. The BoneTrust® balance implant is available in the diameters 4.0 and 5.0 mm and also in different lengths. BoneTrust® balance – the ceramic and logical addition of the BoneTrust® implant system.

  • Crestal threading to prevent tension peaks
  • Laser-structured, rough surface
  • Laser-cut cutting grooves
  • Rotation-proof augmentation area with optimised CAD/CAM design
  • Machined area for optimal soft tissue adhesion
  • Completely naturally white implant body

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