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Questions & Answers

What do dental implants cost? Are there alternatives to dental implants? How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are often that best, most natural and, in the long term, cheapest dental care. When appropriately cared for, they can accompany us for a lifetime. When dealing with dental implants, however, many questions arise. This is completely normal and also important. In our download brochure, we provide answers to general and frequently asked questions about dental implantology. For individual advice, please consult a dentist, oral surgeon or oral and maxillofacial surgeon in your area specializing in implantology.

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Dental Implant Day®

The original. The nationwide patient information event on the subject of dental implants.

Implantology is teamwork. That is why specialists from all dentistry-related areas are available to answer your questions during the Dental Implant Day. As part of a “dental circuit training”, you will learn everything about the possibilities of modern implantology from dentists, dental technicians, anesthetists and dental assistants at various information stations.

Would you like to attend the Dental Implant Day in your area? Then contact our customer service, and we will inform you about the upcoming dates.

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