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Dental Prosthetic Solutions.

Quality, Fit and Value.


Unlimited prosthetic flexibility.

The prosthetic components of the BoneTrust® implant systems allow maximum flexibility for all indications. Consistent color coding makes work easy and safe – for dentists and dental technicians. You can choose from various solution concepts for fixed or removable restorations. From classically prefabricated components to a large number of CAD/CAM abutments for digital workflow. Work optionally at the implant or mucosal level to achieve perfect esthetic results.

The BoneTrust® range of prosthetics is the quintessence of 30 years of experience in implantology and offers you the greatest individuality and variety while ensuring a clear arrangement.

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BoneTrust® plus | sinus | pwr

Gingiva former

The emergence profile of the BoneTrust® gingiva former precisely matches the anatomical shape and emergence profile of the various abutments according to the respective gingival height. Various designs are available for an individual shaping of the soft tissue.

Impression repositioning technique

The color-coded impression posts for the repositioning technique are available in two lengths. The transfer cap can be felt and heard clicking into place and this allows for secure and precise repositioning in the impression. Delivery incl. standard retaining screw and transfer cap. A suitable standard impression tray can be used for the impression.

Open tray impression technique

Impression posts for the open tray technique are available in two lengths. The OL retaining screw is connected to the structure in such a way that it cannot loosen. As a result, the component can be easily and securely fastened with only two fingers or a screwdriver. An individual tray is required for the impression.

Laboratory analogues

Titanium lab analogue for both cast and printed model production. Suitable for impression post reduction and OL of the BoneTrust® plus implant systems. Special laboratory implants are available for Lucky Lock abutments and the direct concept.

Esthetic abutments

BoneTrust® Esthetic Abutments – for the classic crown and bridge technique – are available in various angulations and distance heights. They are characterized by an anatomical garland-shaped course, which generally makes customization unnecessary.

Gingiva formers matched to the type of abutment enable particularly esthetic results.


BoneTrust® implant prosthetics enable unlimited digital possibilities. Medical Instinct® original CAD/CAM abutments in conjunction with the libraries of leading providers offer you the complete digital workflow and guarantee the highest quality and precision standards.

CAD/CAM Unlimited

Direct abutments

Within the direct concept, the distal implants can be intentionally positioned obliquely to optimally utilize any bone in case of its reduced availability to and avoid an augmentation. The up to 30° angled abutments ensures uniform insertion direction and prosthetic switch from implant to gingival level.

The impression post was designed as a universal abutment and can also be used, for example, to fix the prosthesis. A large number of prefabricated abutment components is available for extensive restorations.

UCLA Abutments

The cast-on UCLA abutments are available with and without an anti-rotational mechanism. They enable the individual production of superstructures as well as bar and bridge constructions. Choose between the versions for casting with high-fusing alloys (PA) and non-precious metals (NPA).

Due to the very low distance height, it is possible to extend ceramic veneers to the lowermost points. The plastic modeling aid can be removed from the abutment when the adhesive technique (passive fit) is used.

“Lucky Lock” abutments

“Lucky Lock” abutments are a clever and cost-effective way of fixing the prosthesis. The retention attachment for the prosthesis is characterized by its very low construction height. With differently configured matrices, different tightening torques can be realized and abutment divergences can be compensated.

Mini “Lucky Lock” abutments are available for bar or hybrid constructions, which can be integrated into the constructions as an additional holding element.

BoneTrust® balance

Gingiva former Peek

The BoneTrust® balance gingiva formers made of PEEK serve to protect the prosthetic implant part and to shape the higher gingiva during the healing phase. They are simply mounted onto the implant and click into place with an audible “click”.

Provisional cap Peek

The BoneTrust® balance provisional caps facilitate the creation and attachment of provisional constructions. They are simply “clicked” onto the implant.

If the implants are overloaded, the prosthetics detaches from the implant preventing potential damage.

Transfer cap

The transfer caps for the BoneTrust® balance system in conjunction with the BoneTrust® balance laboratory analogs enable a simple impression and model production using the repositioning technique. A standard impression tray can be used.

Laboratory analogues

The BoneTrust® balance laboratory analogues in conjunction with the BoneTrust® balance transfer caps enable a simple impression and model production using the repositioning technique. Delivered as a 2-piece set. Please refer to the prosthetics manual for specific processing instructions for all-ceramic restorations.

BoneTrust® one

Gingiva former

To protect the implant cone and to shape the soft tissue in case of larger gingival heights, corresponding gingiva formers/cover caps are available for the time during which the dental prosthesis is being produced.

Transfer cap

The transfer caps for the BoneTrust® one system in conjunction with the BoneTrust® one laboratory analogs enable a simple impression and model production using the repositioning technique. A standard impression tray can be used.

Scan cap

The scan cap is used for digital transmission of the implant position. It can be used in the mouth or on the model. The corresponding STL data sets from the leading software libraries are available in our download area.

Laboratory analogues

The BoneTrust® one titanium laboratory analogues in conjunction with the BoneTrust® one transfer caps enable a simple and fast impression and model production using the repositioning technique. A standard impression tray can be used.

Scan laboratory analogues Peek

BoneTrust® one scan laboratory analogues can be used directly for scanning and producing the superstructure. If desired, we will provide you with the corresponding STL files (positioning of the screw head/connection design, etc.) for the production of individually milled superstructures.

Esthetic Abutments

BoneTrust® one Esthetic Abutments are available in straight and angled form and are secured against rotation by means of an external hex. The superstructures are permanently bonded onto the implants in the mouth with special adhesives.

“Lucky Lock” abutments

BoneTrust® one “Lucky Lock” abutments for easy prosthesis fixation are available in two gingival heights. They are permanently bonded to the implants. Including a multi-part matrix set to compensate for angulations and to set individual pull-off forces.

BoneTrust® mini | mini+

Spherical head screw

Spherical head screw set, including O-ring matrix, for provisional prosthesis fixation on BoneTrust® mini interim implants. The matrices can be incorporated directly or after a transfer – using available impression posts – in the laboratory. A 0.9 screwdriver is required for screwing in.


BoneTrust® mini abutments for esthetic, temporary bridge restoration are available in straight and angled versions. The retaining screw and impression cap are included in the delivery. The impression cap can also be used as a polymerization cap.

Crown base

BoneTrust® mini crown base for temporary fixation of complete dentures or for production of occlusally screwed bridges. Choose between the straight version without anti-rotational mechanism and the angled version with anti-rotational mechanism.

Impression post

BoneTrust® mini impression posts represent a safe and simple transfer aid by means of the repositioning technique to fabricate the corresponding temporary restoration in the laboratory. Delivery incl. screw and transfer cap as a set of 2. A suitable standard impression tray can be used for the impression.

Laboratory analogues

Two different laboratory analogues are available for the BoneTrust® mini implant system for the laboratory fabrication of temporary bridges. The screwed version transmits the implant situation in connection with the impression post. In contrast, the rotationally symmetrical and unscrewed laboratory analogue, in conjunction with the impression cap, transfers the prosthetic situation of the screwed superstructure.