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Medical Instinct® moves. Especially in moving pictures. Get to know us and our products in an entertaining way. We hope you enjoy browsing through a small selection of clips, memories and product videos on our YouTube channel.

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The two dentists already have cult status. Dr. Yesterday & Dr. Today, the comic stars of Medical Instinct®, exaggeratedly embody the conservative and modern standpoints of the industry on current topics. And that for almost ten years. The one and only regular dental comic is an integral part of the PIP magazine. Here, you will find an overview of all episodes published so far.

Implantology Audiobook

Not just dental. There’s something to please your ears here.

What would the future be without history? What would the value of innovations be without knowing the past? The history of dental implantology is close to our hearts. So much in fact that we turned it into an entire audio book containing 100 minutes of entertaining anecdotes with many well-known figures, such as Prof. P.-I. Branemark, Dr. P.Ledermann, Dr. KL Ackermann, Prof. D. Buser, Prof. H. Weber, Dr. K. Pehrsson, and many others.

Immerse yourself in the sometimes very humorous history of dental implantology and enjoy the story by Detlef Bierstedt (dubbing voice of Georg Clooney) and Bodo Wolf (dubbing voice of “Monk”). Are you up for more? If so, we would like to bring you closer to our region in an acoustic way. Learn everything about our university city of Göttingen, which is so much more than just the Nobel Prize city No. 2 after Cambridge.