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No. 1 for scrubs & pants.

Exclusive practice clothing.

Practice clothing

Landau® tunics, trousers and much more for a professional practice appearance.

The number 1 in practice clothing from the USA. We give your practice a touch of glamor with elegant “scrubs and pants”. We offer a complete range of fashionable practice clothing, which can be refined upon request with your logo and name embroidery. Choose from a wide variety of colors and cuts, from XS -5XL.
Moreover, we have a large selection of polo shirts, practice blouses and practice jackets.

In order to guarantee optimal wearing comfort and the best fit, we are happy to send you a selection of items to try on before you place your first order – with the right workwear, you will give your practice an unmistakable and professional appearance.

Authorized specialist dealer

Surgical caps

Known from various movies and TV series. Number 1 surgical caps in Europe.

Over 300 designs for all areas of medicine and hygiene. From the classic, single-colored cap to animal and fun motifs, they’re all there. Many of our head coverings are made from pure, organic cotton, and are pre-washed and sterilizable.
All surgical caps have extra-long straps for easy tying in the neck. For particularly long hair, we offer a selection in XL format.

We will be happy to embroider all single-color models with your practice logo or name.
We also offer an exclusive selection of disposable surgical caps with motifs and the same casual style. These consist of skin-friendly and breathable fleece for high wearing comfort and optimal heat regulation.

Eye protection

The hygienic protection against treatment light, splash water and UV lamps.

Medical Instinct’s disposable glasses are hygienic and offer your patients additional comfort during dental treatment. Due to the flexible foil, they adapt perfectly to every head shape and are hardly noticeable.

The adaptive shape ensures that the area around the eyes is fully covered, for example when using AirFlow or sprays, while the plastic material also blocks UVA and UVB rays up to almost 100%. Glare from the treatment lamp is avoided. The glasses have been successfully tested according to the USA standard for protective and safety glasses ANSI Z87.1.

For longer surgical measures or prophylactic appointments, the disposable glasses are optionally available with adhesive pads.

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