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Benchmark in Precision & Handling.

Next Level in Guided Surgery.

BoneTrust® guide

A milestone in guided implantology.

BoneTrust® guide takes backward planning to a whole new level and helps you to provide ideal implantology treatments. Compared to centrally guided drilling templates with drill sleeves, the BoneTrust® guide offers a wide variety of advantages that make the application simpler, safer, or even make it possible in the first place.

This is achieved by a bilateral guidance of the handpiece using a slender and sterilizable drilling template. Because there are no central guide sleeves, the drills can run freely and be optimally cooled, and metal abrasions can be avoided.
The crucially important feedback for the surgeon regarding bone quality and the view of the surgical area are maintained. Since significantly shorter drills can be used, the system enables a larger area of application and easy handling.

Download the BoneTrust® guide brochure
The drilling templates are available in metal or plastic variants and can be sterilized at 135°C.
Thanks to the slender shape and the bilateral handpiece guidance, the surgical field is accessible without obstruction and is fully visible.
The special template design and the absence of drill sleeves make it very easy to insert bone replacement material without contacting the bar.
Optimal cooling of the bone and the drill bit, because the water supply is not blocked or obstructed by the drilling template.
Even expansion screws can be inserted contact-free and checked for an accurate fit.
Because the drill bits are not guided through a central sleeve and are able to run freely, contamination of the surgical area through plastic or metal debris is prevented.
The design allows for markedly shorter standard drill bits to be used, which also enables applications in poorly accessible regions.